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About a Home to Fit You
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Aging adults face many losses in their lives; they lose people close to them as well as their physical and cognitive abilities. They lose their independence and the power to make decisions concerning their lives

Ronit's Philosophy

I Educate

I am passionate about educating families on the best ways to support a loved one through these losses and lead them through the journey of finding the best living solution.

I Advocate

I am committed to advocating for the seniors to have a voice that will be heard. Through my in-person hands-on assessment with my clients, I identify their care needs and listen to their personal wishes.

I Connect

I am dedicated to connecting aging adults with the best senior living communities that fit their care needs, personal preferences, and financial considerations.

As my client’s advocate, I stay connected with the client, the family, and the care community. I am available to continue, if needed, to educate the family and the care community on how to support my client through the transition and beyond.

Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association Seal

A Home To Fit You is an OSRAA (Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association) member since 2016.