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“Let me be your personal guide through the maze of senior living options during one of the most stressful times of your life or that of your loved one. My priority is to meet your emotional, physical, social, and financial needs as you search for a new home for yourself or your parent.”

I graduated from Tel Aviv University Physical Therapy school specializing in rehabilitation and geriatrics. Since moving to from Israel to Eugene, Oregon in 1990, I have worked in a variety of settings including hospital acute care, in-patient rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). At my last job at home-health, I worked for 16 years with patients living in their homes as well as in care facilities. I came to comprehend the unique criteria that make a senior care facility a home for each individual. When a move was needed, I helped patients and their families with the decision-making process. I provided information on the appropriate type of senior living community to accommodate their changing care needs and offered emotional support throughout this stressful process.

Out of my appreciation and respect for this special segment of the population, I opened two Adult Foster Homes in Eugene in 2010. Again, I grew to realize the delicate balance in identifying a home that fits all the care needs of seniors without sacrificing their personal desires and lifestyle choices. Through my in-depth screening assessments and experience with my senior residents, I was able to recognize when my Adult Foster Homes were right for candidates. If they were not, I recommended them to the type of senior care facility where they would be most comfortable. It was through a natural progression from this highly developed expertise of helping clients distinguish which care facility best suits them that in 2015, A Home to Fit You was founded.

Ronit’s certifications

Physical Therapist Tel Avis University Israel (1997)

Certified Placement and Referral Specialist

Virtual Dementia Tour Trainer (Second Wind Dreams)

Certified Dementia care Specialist

Delay The Disease Instructor (Parkinson’s exercise program)

Ronit’s  affiliations

Member NPRA (National Referral and Placement Alliance)

SPIN (Senior Provider Information Network) board member

OSRAA (Oregon Senior Referral Agency Association) board member

Member NW LGBT Senior Care Providers Network