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When living at home may no longer be an option for you or your loved one, selecting the single best senior living community can be a daunting undertaking. It is important to first identify which is the appropriate type of Senior Living Community that will meet your needs, or those of your senior loved one, by pinpointing the best fit based on personal care needs, preferences, and desires. There are six distinct types, and within those types, there are 150+ senior communities over all, in the Eugene/Sprinfield, Oregon area. Through our Senior Care Health Assessment A Home To Fit You will guide you in the decision-making process as you choose the one community that best matched these specifications. We will be with you through the move, transition, and beyond!

Senior care independent living facilities are typically apartments or condominiums that are exclusive to seniors of a minimum age. Senior independent living facilities offer one to three daily meals,…
Senior care assisted living communities offer a private apartment with a kitchenette, private bathroom, and a weekly cleaning service. In addition senior care assisted living communities offer 24/7…
Senior care adult foster homes are comprised of a community located in a family home that accepts up to five elderly or disabled residents. Adult foster homes offer a private or semi-private bedroom…
A Senior Residential Care Facility is a community of up to 15 residents; some RCFs are composed of a few houses, with 12-15 residents in each (referred to as communities or neighborhoods).
Senior memory care facilities include a secure environment, trained staff, and special programs designed for the particular needs of Alzheimer’s and other memory-related disorders.
Senior care nursing homes always assure nurse is on duty at all times and a doctor visits once or twice a week. These facilities offer shared rooms and shared bathrooms, cleaning services, and…