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Senior Living Referral Services: Assessing Your Health Care Needs
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At A Home To Fit You, we establish a solid foundation for our Senior Care Referral Services by conducting a comprehensive Senior Health Care Assessment that includes a thorough exploration of the recipient's unique health care needs, an exacting review of their finances, and sincere attention to the senior's personal interests and support preferences.

Timing and Your Senior Support Needs

Planning Ahead

While the goal of most seniors is to age in their home, it is never too early to plan ahead for the unforeseeable future of needing to move to a Senior Care Housing Facility.

Our free Senior Health Care Assessment will help any senior and his or her family start the conversation of “what if I can no longer live at home?” We use the Senior Health Care Assessment as a tool to educate seniors, and/or the families,  about the different options of Senior Care Housing Facilities that would be appropriate if and when the time comes. By planning ahead, you avoid the unfortunate crisis mode we often see with many of our clients who aren't prepared to proactively address the reality of their situation. Most importantly, by allowing A Home To Fit You to assist you in planning for the future, you will have a system in place should a crisis arise.

Need Immediate Support!

It is unfortunate, but most seniors wait until they are in crisis mode before they begin to seek help finding appropriate living placement. They wait as long as possible in their own homes, ignoring or hiding indicators that they need assistance, often waiting until a health emergency occurs that demands immediate assistance. Ideally, we would like to see you planning ahead to help you avoid any unnecessary emergencies or growing health concerns. If you do need immediate help, we will respond with our in-person assessment within the first 24 hours to help you find the senior living facility that will fit your care needs and personal preferences.

Stay at Home with In-Home Care Option

You may want to explore the option of staying at home as long as possible. We use our knowledge and experience to help seniors and their families by creating a care plan that outlines support services to meet their unique senior in-home care needs. We base the care plan on our Senior Health Care Assessment combined with our Home Assessment.

Learn more about senior living in-home care.

Already In A Senior Living Facility

There may be two reasons to call for our services if you or your family member is a senior who is already living in a Senior Care Housing Facility:

1) You, or your loved one, are not happy with the services the current facility is providing.

2) Your loved one is needing a higher level of care than what the current facility is able to provide. It could be that physical care needs are greater and require a two-person assist, or that cognition has declined and there is a need to move to a Memory Care Facility.

Our comprehensive Senior Health Care Assessment allows us to advocate for what is best for the senior. We will explore ways to help the senior stay in the current facility. If appropriate, we will facilitate a care conference with the team at the facility to help create an appropriate care plan. If a move is needed, we will help find the right Senior Care Housing Facility that is able to provide the level of care we identify in our assessment.

Begin Your Senior Care Support Process Today

Senior Self-Care

Our Senior Health Care Assessment explores all areas of self-care: mobility, ADL (Activity of Daily Living), household chores and cognition. We will identify the physical and cognitive ability, as well as the difficulties of the senior may have, to care for him or herself. If appropriate, we will implement a Senior Care Plan to help support the senior with his self-care needs.

Senior Medical Care

Medical care needs that are changing or require monitoring may affect the senior’s ability to stay at home while avoiding repeated crises, resulting in multiple visits to the doctor’s office, emergency room visits, or hospitalization. Our Senior Health Care Assessment helps to identify the medical care needs, and how to address them through the development of a Senior Care Plan providing strategies to minimize crises and promote healthy living.

Senior Family Support

We believe that family should be involved as much or as little as they are able or wish to be involved. We will help identify the level of care the family members are able to provide and, if appropriate, create a Senior Care Plan to help the senior remain at home with the support of family.

Senior Financial Support

We do not provide legal or financial services. That said, we do use our experience and knowledge of the cost of either living at home with paid help, or living in a Senior Care Facility to help you with understanding the financial planning that needs to be done. We will explain the advantage and disadvantage of applying for Medicaid, or for a reverse mortgage and the way it may affect the senior’s ability to find a Senior Care Facility to move into.

Educating, Advocating, Connecting

Senior Living Referral Services

We offer a free, unique process; in most cases finder’s fee is paid by the senior community you choose.

Our Services

  • Initial intake with you over the phone
  • Comprehensive, in-person Needs Assessment addressing your or your loved one's health care needs, personal preferences, and a financial review
  • Senior Care Facility recommendations based upon your health requirements and desires
  • We arrange and accompany you on selected care facility tours
  • Needs Assessment review to help you with your senior living choice
  • We assist you with the move into your new home to make the transition as easy as possible. We provide you with continuity, serving as the liaison between you and the care facility.  We are available to you during this process and beyond.

Download our free comprehensive Senior Care Community Decision-Making Guide and Personal Information Organizer to help you in this process.

*Medicaid Client Assistance: Federal law prohibits any senior referral agency from collecting a finder's fee from a care facility when the client is on Medicaid (not to be confused with Medicare) and receiving financial support from the government. Click here to learn more.

Additional Senior Care Services

Let’s see if you can stay at home: tailored, in-home plan to allow you or your loved one to remain at home if possible.

Free Services

  • Initial intake with you over the phone
  • FREE initial consultation to assess your ability to continue to live at home vs. needing to move to a senior care community

Fee Based Services

  • Comprehensive, in-person Needs Assessment addressing your or your loved ones health care needs, personal preferences, and a financial review.
  • Custom tailored  Care Plan with immediate and long term supports based on the Needs Assessment
  • We connect you with all of the appropriate support services and resources.
  • If care needs change and a move to a senior care community is required, we provide a FREE referral service to a Senior Care Community that best fits your needs.