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Senior Care Referral Service FAQ'S
Eugene - Springfield, Oregon

I just learned about senior referral services. What can I expect from your agency?

The first thing you should expect from A Home to Fit You is a sense of relief. If you are facing a situation that may require a move to a senior care facility for you or a loved one, I will be there guiding you from the first question you have to the last answer you need. After obtaining the initial information about your situation, I will complete an in-depth in-person assessment with the senior who is in need of care. Based upon these findings of care needs and personal preferences, I will recommend several senior living options that fit best and we will visit them together. Finally, once you select your preferred senior community, I will be there to provide assistance and support through the move, the transition, and beyond.

How can you afford to offer this service for free?

This service is free to you, the client. I receive a referral fee from the senior community that is selected. There are no additional fees passed on to you. This is a win-win situation. Families need the information to make the best decision for their loved one. This type of business model allows me to remain impartial while providing a much-needed service.

Which senior living communities do you work with?

I work with most of the senior living communities in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area as well as Junction City, Creswell, Cottage Grove and the outlying areas. I personally visit every senior community I refer and assess them to ensure they are up to the highest standards. Parameters include: location, cost structure (including hidden costs), cleanliness, amenities and activities, medical care, caregiver/resident ratio, and state licensing and investigative reporting.

We are just starting to consider senior facility options, but our parent is not ready to move. Can we use your services or should we wait until he/she is ready to move?

Once you recognize physical or cognitive decline in your parent, it is always prudent to have a plan, in case living at home proves to no longer be an option. Using A Home to Fit You services to assess your parent’s baseline condition is an excellent place to start. I can then steer you toward appropriate senior communities that fit their current and future care needs. If or when that time comes, you will already have essential initial information which will save you time and stress if a move is needed, especially on short notice. Even if you decide never to move your parent, I see it as my privilege to guide anyone in my community through this journey.

I only have one week before my mother is being discharged from rehab. Can you help me find a place for her?

When time is of the essence, it is even more beneficial for you to use my services. With my knowledge and skills as a physical therapist, even on short notice, I will make a thorough assessment of your mother’s care needs and wants. I will then create a list of the most appropriate care facilities for her, which we can visit with a day's notice. Together we will find the right home for her, based on the profile I create of your mother and my extensive knowledge of the senior care facilities in our area.

My father is on Medicaid. Could you help us find a senior care facility for him?

The law prohibits referral agencies from collecting any fee from clients on Medicaid or from the senior facility that accepts these clients. Under these limitations I am unable to provide my full services at no charge. However, I can offer you and your father a service for an affordable fee paid by the family, not your father. This service would include: in-person assessment and recommendation of several facilities that would be an appropriate fit and have availability. I would be on call to answer questions over the phone to guide you through completion of this process.

How can I be sure that you’ll find the perfect place for my parent?

From my extensive experience working with seniors, there is no “perfect” place. Even your parents’ home wasn’t “perfect”. Maybe the location was such that you couldn’t walk to school. Or there was only one bathroom for the six of you. But you had a beautiful garden and very nice neighborhood. Always trade-offs. Once we identify, through my detailed assessment process, the care needs and personal preferences required, together we will look for the best senior living community that has the strengths and advantages you seek.

Who makes the final decision on selecting a senior living community?

You or you and your family will always make the final decision. My goal is to guide you through this often very stressful and overwhelming process by offering the choice of a few senior communities I recommend to be the best fit. I will give you all the information and support you need, but the final decision is always yours.

Why should I choose A Home to Fit You over other senior referral agencies?

Each referral agency offers a different approach to the process of helping seniors find a new home in a senior living community. What I offer is 30 years hands-on experience as a physical therapist in the field of geriatrics. I know the different senior living communities from the inside and I understand in minute detail how to determine the right type of community before we tour any of them.

My assessment process is never conducted exclusively over the phone with a family member. It includes a comprehensive in-person in-depth assessment of the senior which utilizes my expertise and knowledge as a healthcare professional and a former Adult Foster Home owner. This expertise will serve you well, from advising you on how to arrange your new room in a safe way, to how to address family conflicts that may arise from the decision to move your parents to a senior living community.

What if I’ve already started the search on my own? Can I still work with your agency?

Absolutely! There are over 150 senior living communities in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area. If you contact a senior living community on your own, a referral service would not be able to collect the referral fee from that community, if, at some point, you select them.

You may have contacted some that would fit best or some that are not right for you. After my extensive assessment, I will direct you to ones that will fit you best, which may include ones you have already contacted. I will help you complete the process by offering you additional appropriate choices you can then compare. I will always support your decision toward the community in which you feel most at home, and complete the full service I provide with the same follow up whether or not I receive the referral fee.