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I often rely on Ronit to assist me to understand which care communities are the best fit for our community’s elders. She has great depth of experience and knowledge as a healthcare expert.
Oriana Kahn Hurwit, Social Worker : Jewish Federation

Ronit was always willing to listen to Mom’s thoughts and concerns and address them in the process. Ronit established a care plan for Mom. She was also instrumental in recommending social and medical services, including hospice care. I highly recommend Ronit’s care management services.
Betty Hemmingsen

Ronit helped solve a continuing health problem of my Dad’s, just by listening to him and finding appropriate treatment. With me living 300 miles away, I have counted on her to be my Dad’s advocate and she has always provided the best assistance. Ronit spent a lot of time to get to know my dad's history, as well as the current pressing issues. She has an incredible work ethic and will strive to provide the best for her clients.
Bari Clemons

Finding a caring community for my elderly parents felt overwhelming. Ronit took the time to find out about the unique needs of my parents and was with me every step of the process. Her 30 years of experience and expert and caring advice was tailored to my parents' personal needs. I highly recommend her senior referral service!
Abby Gershenzon

I found Ronit to be professional and respectful of my family's needs. She has a great way of communicating with humor and kindness. You could witness her knowledge of how difficult it is for an elder to change their lifestyle with the way she interviewed my Mom. I highly recommend this service.
Janet Harris

We met Ronit just after moving our senior parent to the Eugene area. We were concern about many issues for that parent which Ronit addressed with us after she visited them in their home. Because of the parent's resistance to moving into assisted living she encouraged us to wait. A year later when there was no change in the senior's resistance to assisted care but family members were overwhelmed with care issues and had different views on how to proceed, she met with us giving perspective, options, and encouragement. She arranged for us to tour 3 assisted living facilities where she helped us ask questions to see what would be a good fit for our parent. She contacted the facility to clarify issues when the first choice fell through. Ronit stepped in and contacted our second choice and was an advocate when we needed it at the place where our parent moved. We have been helped very much by her assistance.
Craig Biersdorff

After my father suffered an injury in his home, he needed to be placed in a care facility. Living out of the area made the task of finding the right faciity to meet his needs was daunting for me. Thankfully I was able to work with Ronit and her company A Home To Fit You. She was able to coordinate meetings with several facilities that fit my father's needs and schedule appointments for me to visit and choose the best place for dad in an efficient manner. Ronit also was extremely helpful in finding local resources such as movers in order to make my father's transition a smooth and seamless one. My father loved his new home! I highly recommend Ronit and A Home To Fit You !
Rich Platano

Ronit Cohen was a blessing to us. My husband and I had just moved to Eugene from Portland and needed help finding a place for my husband's mother and sister. Ronit guided us through this process and seemed to offer extra attention and care to the endeavor. She was upfront about costs and extremely fair. I don't believe we could have found a place for my mother-in-law (who'd recently had a stroke) without her contacts, care and knowledge. She even dropped in to check on my sister in law at Terpening Terrace to see how she was getting along, and did the same for my mother-in-law. Ronit was a gift! We are very grateful.
Roberta Bond

I highly recommend this service provider who exceeded in meeting our mothers needs. The counseling was priceless at a time when we did not know what to do or how to help Mom in the best way possible. As a result of this service and med changes, mother enjoyed one of the best years of her life in her last year, passing at age 92 in her own home. In the event she could not stay at home we had three very nice senior living facilities picked out ready to go if and when they were needed. After a brief stay at the hospital, the Hospice we picked was a blessing.
Steve Cummings

Ronit and Martha proved to be an invaluable resource in helping us find the best care community for our Dad. They were incredibly thoughtful throughout the process, taking time to really get to know our father and consider what community would be a good fit for him. As two young working professionals, they were there to do the heavy lifting when we were completely overwhelmed. As if dealing with our Dad's newly diagnosed brain disease we'd never heard of was hard enough, it can be a strange and foreign process to find a new home for a deteriorating loved one, and they took utmost care in finding the best fit for our family. We are so grateful for A Home To Fit You for advocating for our Dad-- his new home is exactly where he needs to be!
Sarah Brauer

We contacted Ronit to help us find an appropriate place to live for my elderly Dad who was moving from a different town. She came to our home and interviewed us in depth. As a member of the medical profession myself (RN), I felt that she asked very appropriate questions in a manner that was respectful and thorough. My Dad had special, challenging needs because he was on Hospice and also required night time care. We preferred, if possible, to have him in a homelike setting. She visited the potential facilities with us and met with us afterwards to assess our response and answer questions. We were able to find the best fit that was available for my Dad, and his stay was as good as could be expected considering that he ultimately passed. He was comfortable in the foster home that we found and we were glad to have his needs met as well as they were. I have already recommended Ronit to others and will continue to do so.
Julie Lindros

In my most desperate hours to help my Grandpa get the care that he needed in a place that was comfortable for him, A Home To Fit You was my comfort. Thank you for taking the time to explain the various types of care available and to help me find the best location for his care. My grandpa had a complicated medical history and we didn’t know what to expect. Would he improve or decline? What were his biggest obstacles? They guided me to a facility that had a home-like setting with the vital cleanliness his health depended on. When I had frustrations with the facility (which I learned will happen no matter where your loved one is), A Home Fit You was available to help me and guide me to a comfortable resolution. I cannot thank you enough.
Kiela Mintz

Ronit was a life saver. I needed to find a safe and competent assisted living facility for my father in the Eugene area, and was overwhelmed initially. Ronit was recommended to me by another agency that I was familiar with. I took their recommendation and called her. She was very attentive to our needs, and worked around our schedule, as I don't live in town. After a conversation, she came up with three facilities that checked the most boxes. They were all very good. Each had it's own strengths and weaknesses, and this allowed us to choose based on our priorities. Several years later my father is still at the same facility, and is happy there. The care is good and there are lots of activities for him to enjoy. Ronit hit the nail on the head. I cannot recommend this service enough. Save yourself the stress and pick up the phone.
James Dinning

Ronit is wonderful! Not only does she have a wealth of information to share about facilities in the area, she is also knowledgable about the many nuances of memory care. She never seems to be in a hurry and gives you as much time as you need. She is happy to help even long after placing someone in a facility. Ronit is an amazing resource when considering placing a loved one in memory care!
Helen Liu

Ronit has been referring clients to our facility for a few years, and we are very happy with her service. She goes above and beyond finding the right facility for her clients and always follows up to make sure the home is the right fit. Thank you Ronit for all you do!
Elman Babayev

Ronit gets my highest recommendation. She helped find an assisted living facility for my husband. She was very knowledgeable about the options and very supportive at that difficult time.
Lind Sage

I found Ronit and her team at A Home to Fit You to be very knowledgeable about the options for senior living and specifically for my mother, who is 90 years old. They took the time to help narrow my choices based on the unique needs my mother had for social activities balanced with the care she needs. I met with Ronit before even thinking about the time I'd need to spend touring the many communities. SHe helped me save time and avoid sales pitches, which I knew weren't in the best interest of my mother. I would highly recommend their senior living placement services due to their knowledge and unbiased advice. Best yet - their referral is FREE for placement in the communities on my list.
Gwyneth Iredale

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