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Elsie’s House Adult Day Care
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Senior Day Care in Eugene, Oregon

Adult Day Care Services

Many family members make the commitment to care for their loved ones at home as long as possible. The thought of moving their loved ones into a senior care community can be very emotional, especially when dealing with the ongoing stress of being a full time caregiver.

When a family member calls for our consultation, we always listen to the family’s wishes. It is common for us to meet with a husband or wife who cares for their spouse who lives with dementia and wants to explore senior living options. Many times, they share their wish to continue to care for their loved one at home for a little longer, even though they understand a move into a senior care community - in most cases, memory care - is inevitable.

At times we recommend the family hire a paid caregiver through an in-home care agency to allow the family caregiver a little break. While this is a good solution that provides relief for the family caregiver, what is still missing is quality time, through socialization, for the person who needs the care.

Many researches on the quality of life of seniors, especially those who live with dementia, point at the benefits of social, physical and mental activities to help improve the wellbeing of seniors. While a paid caregiver will watch their clients and keep them safe, in most cases, they don’t facilitate many social activities.

And this is why we are so excited about our partnership with Elsie’s House Adult Day Care that is owned and operated by Verna and Cyndi, a mother-daughter team.

Elsie’s House Adult Day Care is different and unique compared to any other adult day care center in town. Elsie’s House is an actual home nestled in the Oakway neighborhood. While the person with dementia may have difficulty adjusting to a large and unfamiliar space with nothing in it to relate to, Elsie’s House is like coming to visit any home where people live. Every room in the house has a purpose, with many options for social activities: games, hobbies, puzzles, crafts, woodworking, music, exercise, outdoor gardening, or simply relaxing in a recliner watching a favorite TV show.  They have 4 group activities as well as some kind of music therapy every day.

Elsie’s House is open five days a week and allows their “friends” (which is how they refer to their clients) a flexible schedule of days and hours. They even serve meals and snacks.

As the burden of being a full-time caregiver weighs heavily on family members, they may not be ready yet to move their loved one to a senior care community. They can find needed relief by bringing their loved one to Elsie’s House Adult Day Care where they will benefit from all it has to offer. While socializing is certainly the most significant benefit, the less expensive hourly rate than a hired caregiver is another.

Elsie’s House Day Care serves all seniors who are experiencing social isolation due to being confined to their homes, not just for those who live with dementia.

About the Owners, Verna and Cyndi

Verna and her daughter Cyndi have been life-long nurturers, caring for family and friends for over thirty years. As they watched how seniors were cared for in senior care facilities, they recognized a need for change and became passionate about making a difference in the way seniors get care. In 2008 they opened their first Adult Foster Home in Corvallis. Based on their excellent reputation they quickly grew their business to five homes full of seniors who benefited from the outstanding care they provided.

After being caregivers for over thirty years specializing in working with people with dementia, Verna and Cyndi decide to return to Eugene. As their passion was always, and still is, in the senior care, they quickly recognized what Eugene is missing: home-like day care that allows seniors to feel they are at home, even when they are not in their own home.

Their philosophy of heartfelt caring is in keeping with our philosophy at A Home To Fit You. When we met with Verna and Cyndi, we witnessed their love and compassion when working with seniors. We are confident that their adult day care would provide your loved one the exceptional care and socialization they need while giving you the relief you need.

Service and program

  • Service
  • Medication management
  • Medical support
  • Incontinent support
  • Dementia care
  • Individual activities
  • Group activities
  • Continental breakfast
  • Full lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Drop-in, early or late care
  • Flexible program

Available programs Mon-Fri  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hourly rate: $15
Lunch fee: $5
Minimum stay required: 4 hours


Elsie’s House Adult Day Care has a monthly activities calendar that changes every month.

Every morning start with News of the day and is followed by variety of group activities such as: Bingo, bowling, table activity (such as cards, puzzles), book club, laugh in, guess the smell, mocktail hour, painting birdhouses, music, sing along, field trips, exercise and much more.

In addition to the group activities, there those who would enjoy individual activities such as: putting green, art studio, working in the mechanical shop, fidget blankets, helping with repairs, reading, yarn projects, “baby” care and much more

While there is a monthly calendar of scheduled activities, Verna and Cyndi would love to incorporate any ideas you may have for activities that would bring joy to your loved one.